Majestic Winds

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Lessons are available by Megan Wos, she grew up spending most of her time in the barn and around horses. She was first instructed on how to train and start horse at the age of twelve, and since has started many including horses who had previously said to be un-trainable. Over the years she has also worked with many difficult and abused horses that just needed someone to take the time and build the trust that someone had previously made them lose.

She has become a well rounded equestrian by trying to take in different aspects and others opinions into consideration to help her make up her basis for horse care and training. She has been to many clinics and seminars both under saddle and as an audit and has a certificate in Equine Chiropractic Methods and Clinical Applications.

She competed and trained in several different disciplines including: Dressage through second level, Show Jumping 3’6” courses, 50 mile Endurance rides, Novice Eventing, Speed, Pleasure, halter and dabbling in reining. She was a member of her local Pony Club where she was able to rate up to the C2 standings. During all of it the core of her beliefs is that every horse is different and require different care that allow them to be the best horse they can be whether competitively, sound and healthy or enjoying their retirement.


*No guided trail rides or vacation rentals*


Off Site: Private / Semi-Private / Group

On Site: Private / Semi-Private / Group

*Only off site offered at this time*

Leasing a Horse:

Per lesson / Partial / Full


Horses Currently in Training

Horses Previously in Training

Catch a Ride


Includes all schooling / warm-up at the show, help registering, and proper time management to insure at class on time.

Stall cleaning, feeding, bathing, grooming, clipping, banding, braiding, can be added for an additional fee.

All schooling and Showing costs such as: Transportation and lodging shall be split among all entries showing.

$45 / $60 / $80 Per Session

$35 / $50 / $70 Per Session

$ 10 / $60 / $120


-$0- Only Transportation and showing fees must be paid

$10 Per Class

$15 Per Class


Varies by location!


Horses Started or Trained by Megan Wos

  • Top 10 finish our of 23 horses Ike's first 50 Mile Endurance ride.
    Top 10 finish our of 23 horses Ike's first 50 Mile Endurance ride.
  • Just started under saddle
    Just started under saddle
  • First 25 mile LD Endurance ride.
    First 25 mile LD Endurance ride.



Video of Aladdin he was a nine year old untrained just gelded Arabian at the time he was purchased. He was started and used for endurance and then sold. A year after his sale Megan received a message stating what a wonderful horse he is and what a great teacher he is for her kids and he is a part of the family would never be sold.